WE ARE HERE TO HELP PEOPLE | Be it a home, small business, startup, or corporation; we understand that your assets need to be taken care of and protected.

Our principals; Todd, and Ryan Stanley, grew up together in a small town on the Northern, California coast – in a community built on loyalty, optimism, and hard work. It was in that small town that both Stanleys learned the importance of values, morals, hard work, and helping people out. These life lessons have created the pillars of JTR Insurance Agency’s culture.

With 40 years of combined experience, the JTR team is a family that understands insurance. Passion for educating folks on insurance decisions and helping them make the best choice for their individual needs are critical for JTR principals.

If you are reading this, chances are you’ve worked hard for what you have, whether it is a home or business, and it would be our pleasure to help you protect it. We don’t just have agents or people. We have the right agents and the right people to guide you through the insurance process. We help you to understand your options and to find the best protection for your assets, no matter the size.

At JTR, we work to provide understandable solutions, solutions that protect you in the event of a loss and create the peace of mind you want. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into the JTR family.

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Todd Stanley has a love for helping others and a love for the outdoors. He’s married to his lovely wife Ashley, and they have a daughter and son. He has lived in many States; Alaska, Arizona, Tennessee, and California.  His California roots run deep. He was raised in Fort Bragg, California and now lives in his wife’s hometown of Cameron Park.

After graduating from high school, Todd completed the Universal Technology Institute’s Diesel Specialized Training program in Phoenix, Arizona. He worked on transit, charter, and entertainer buses as a mechanic for several years. In 2004, Todd became interested in the insurance industry and transitioned from a mechanic to an underwriter with a focus on garage liability/keeper, commercial auto, commercial business risks, and personal lines.

Todd is partnered with C.A.S.T for Kids in Folsom where he and other local businesses create an unforgettable experience for kids to go out on a boat and fish for bass. He loves seeing the kids’ faces light up when they feel a tug on the end of their pole. When Todd isn’t spending time with kiddos at C.A.S.T. for Kids, he is can be found hiking or camping with his family. Ashley’s family hosts an annual camping trip in Eastern Tahoe; this is a time Todd thoroughly enjoys as he’s teaching his young daughter and son how to fish and explore the wilderness. Todd and Ashley hope to pass their love for fishing and the outdoors to their children.


Ryan Stanley enjoys traveling the world experiencing different cultures with his wife, family, and friends.  His first international trip was to Asia where he got a true sense of how others live. This began a lifelong pursuit of traveling to other countries in the world. Ryan has since traveled extensively to Jordan, Lebanon, China, Ireland, Scotland and a large part of the European continent. Ryan graduated from Sonoma State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration where he was able to study abroad for a winter session in Chile and Argentina.

He is married to his amazing wife, Gloria. They met in Orange County, CA through friends. Ryan and Gloria visited Dallas to meet up with friends, and they ran into Frisco, TX.  They fell in love with the city, the culture, and the people.  They were both able to move their jobs to Frisco and became part of the community.

Ryan started his insurance career as a commercial line’s underwriter for a small managing general agency in Northern California. He spent 17 years with this company moving through various roles which led to him being well-rounded in the insurance industry. Ryan ultimately became the Vice President of Carrier Relations.  When the opportunity presented itself to become an independent insurance agent with his family, Ryan jumped at the chance as he always wanted to be more customer focused.

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